Speed-Feed lap timing application:

Developed with the Radio Control (RC) community in mind, this phone app. allows Racers and Spectators alike, to wirelessly connect directly to a timing system decoder network.

This means users can view or hear live and instant timing information as it is being sent.

Receive live timing feeds
Choose Transponder numbers to view
Split times, best times, lap count, position
Hear lap times via Text To Speech (configurable)
Session lap times, average time and position
Recall previous session times
Store unlimited timing feeds (PRO)
Add / name transponders (PRO)
Position / threat alerts (PRO)
Team communication (PRO)

Check out the version comparison page for the full list of features!

Compatible decoders include AMBrc Decoder, MYLAPS RC4 Decoder, AMBmx3 Decoder, TranX3 Decoder, ChipX Decoder and BIB Decoder.